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word game in russian language
word game in Russian language

Playing cards with letters on a chess board.
Word forming game with alphabets.

Open metalinguistics and numerology of names and calendars.

word forming games and puzzles with letters on a chess board  

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
The offered word game concerns to type of logic gaming with letters and consequently can be comparable to other linguistic games such as "scrabble" or "erudite". But the offered playing construction considerably differs from known word forming games as is based on other principles of gaming interaction.
Playing rules consist that letters move on squares of a game board just as chessmen figures or tokens of draughts men on squares of a chess board. Therefore the present board game is similar to a chess or checkers but is a word forming gaming as players form words during moving alphabetic letters or playing cards with signs of alphabet.
By means of the offered playing construction it is possible to realize various gaming variants with letters, namely rules of games and puzzles can be different. Instructions describe rules for 33 games and 6 puzzles.
If someone is interested in a manufacture of this word game then I hold the patent RU 2243799.
Playing figures can look like volumetric tokens or printed cards with letters, and also computer variants of games and puzzles or conundrums can be realized..
Ask any questions if you are interested in this word game with letters.

Yours faithfully, Sergey Leonidovich Panphilov.
e-mail: panf-sergey@list.ru or panfsergey@gmail.com

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Also inform your opinion and offers.


On pages of this website there are links to PDF files in which there are images for printing playing cards with letters of English and Russian languages and pictures of game boards for home printers in format A4.
And also on pages of website there are brief rules of games and puzzles in English language.
Look detailed rules of games and puzzles of this word forming game in PDF files in Russian language.
I hope that this open letters of alphabet on a chess board will be interesting!

latin letters on chess board rules of word puzzles and games scrabble and erudite gaming

metalinguistic sense of languages names of gods in numerology letters of alphabets and numerology figures and signs of gods

words and numerological letters - it will be soon published.


Basic version of game represents the gaming device which is constructed of Latin alphabetic signs that is suitable for forming words in a context of English language, as complete sets of playing cards are organized according to frequency of letters in the English lexical system. But also this version can be applied for word games in different languages which are based on letters of the Latin alphabet.
Brief rules of game represent descriptions and instructions for some obvious word gaming processes and puzzles which can be carried out by means of the offered play device, namely by means of alphabetical playing cards on a chess board.
Principles of game represent descriptions of mathematical and linguistic differences from other similar word games with letters such as scrabble or erudite.
Metalinguistics is the section of this website or nine pages which give the information on esoteric concepts and philosophical aspects of human speech, and on the sacral formula which is included in alphabets, namely esoteric meanings of alphabetic signs and words, that allows to realize a super sense of languages and games with letters.
Also this section describes numerological systems of some ancient and modern alphabets. And in particular tables and charts according to which letters of the ancient Phoenician alphabet, or classical Greek writing system, or Cyril's Slavic alphabetical signs, or Latin and Kabalistic alphabets correspond with numbers in numerology.
Besides this section of website describes numerology of letters and numbers in a context of duodecimal system of mathematical scale of notation which differs from traditional decimal numerical signs.
Duodecimal numbers are compared to 33 letters of the Russian alphabet, and also correlated with phonetic transcriptions of English language that allows to calculate numerical word meanings and ciphers of human names.
And also in this section there are information about GEMATRIA, namely about geometrical images of words and names in a context of numerology.
Also online gallery or dictionary of names shows visual images or otherwise to tell color geometrical symbols of human naming which are represented according to rules of numerology in a context of metalinguistics. Namely art pictures or graphic drawings in gallery show geometrical symbols of color meanings which are calculated according to duodecimal numerology and numerical values of letters in names of people.
Names of gods is the section where letters of the modern Russian alphabet and sounds of human speech are compared to hierarchy of gods in Vedic mythology. Also letters and phonetic sounds are compared to zodiac signs in astrology and numbers in numerology, that allows to correlate words of languages and names of people to numbers, and to realize metaphysical sense or esoteric meanings of lexical systems in comparison with naming or denominations of gods by means of numerological calculations.
Letters of the Russian alphabet can be transformed to the English alphabetic signs for calculation of names.
Also divine name YAHWE or JEHOVAH or tetragrammaton YHWH is compared to hierarchy of 33 Vedic deities according to ratio of alphabet and sounds of human speech with numbers of numerology and zodiacal signs in astrology.
Letters of gods is the section which shows circular matrixes of letters and numbers in numerology according to which alphabets are constructed, or otherwise to tell esoteric codes of alphabetic systems of human civilization. And in particular circular numerological matrixes of Phoenician, Greek, Latin, English, Slavic and modern Russian alphabets.
Geometrical ratios which are caused by phonetic values and philosophical meanings of letters, and also correlations of alphabetic signs with the calendar of Maya and other chronological systems of ancient world.
Besides esoteric codes according to which words and names of mythological gods are formed.
And also this section of website display words which make five elements of divine essence, that is personification of archangels who are identical to five spatial coordinates of the God in occult mysticism, and in particular in mystical Judaism and Cabbala or Kabala.
Signs of gods is the section which shows ratio of numerological matrixes of various alphabets and systems of runic writing of human civilization with celestial divine hierarchies in space of world reality which can be considered as universal phonetic pattern of human speech and godlike Logos according to which names of people and gods are written in the Book of Life. Namely alphabetic letters and runes are compared to names and spheres of universe in space of circular numerological matrixes. And also mystical values and esoteric mysteries of runic characters are compared to symbols of the canon i-ching and signs of zodiac, that can be interesting in occult divinations.


Also it is possible to look other my sites on web-portal of games. web-portal of games

playing cards with numbers numerology of numbers and mythology images of geometrical words open playing cards open tiles of dominoes

On portal WWW.64G.RU pay attention to open playing cards, dominoes and numbers on a chess board which are analogues. The listed games are similar as play figures of letters or mathematical tokens with numbers or tiles of dominoes or playing cards are on a chess-board. The listed games allow to play gaming rules with open information and equal odds of a prize, and also allow players or gamers to solve various puzzles and conundrums.
Pages of the listed websites too have links on PDF files for printing images and pictures of playing cards, tiles of dominoes, tokens with numbers.
Rules and instructions for dominoes and playing cards are written in English language.

Complete sets of alphabetic cards for word games with letters can be applied as intellectual gaming assortment for entertaining pastime and leisure in circles of friends, or as developing kid toys and methodical manuals for out-of-class exercises with children at schools, or for association of family members by fascinating desktop family games. Namely offered playing cards with letters of the alphabet can be applied as playing sets to logic board games which are alternative for chess or checkers. As geometrical movements of chessmen figures or tactical combinations of draught tokens in checkers like not to all people. Not always children and parents in a circle of family like to play chess, and also not always people with different types of characters in the companies of friends equally love checkers or dominoes, but word games with letters in all cases can interest people and form a circle of contacts.

I hope that this word game with letters on a chess board will be interesting unlike scrabble!

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