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Names of gods in Vedic mythology and sounds of speech.
Metalinguistic sense of alphabet.

Nine pages in this section of website results information which allows to correlate names of gods in Vedic mythology with zodiacal signs in astrology and numbers in numerology, also with alphabetic letters and sounds of human speech, that allows to realize metalinguistic sense of alphabets.
It is possible to tell that the offered information allows to consider myths as statement of knowledge of ancient civilizations about parities of divine hierarchies of universe with numbers and signs of zodiac, also with alphabetic symbols of human speech sounds.
The resulted information describes complex cosmological laws as logical charts which are necessary for understanding of phonetic proportions and acoustic correlations according to which sounds of human speech and mythological gods are connected with numerological numbers and zodiacal signs. But if knowledge of cosmological laws is not necessary then enough to consider charts on 8th page where 33 letters of contemporary Russian alphabet are compared to numbers and zodiacal signs, that allows to calculate numerical meanings of words and names. Also it allows to correlate names of people to characteristics and qualities of gods in Vedic mythology.
Letters of Russian alphabet can be transformed to phonemes of English language for calculations of numerological values of alphabetic signs, that is described on pages of this website in other section which is named as meta linguistics.

First page shows general information about phonetic structure of contemporary Russian alphabet and comparison of 33 letters with deities of Vedic mythology, also about parities of vowels and consonants of universal phonetic system of human speech with three groups of heavenly, atmospheric and terrestrial gods.
Second and third pages show parities of heavenly gods of Vedic mythology and Russian consonant sounds of speech with planets and signs of zodiac in astrology. Also second and third pages give information about visual perception of space and optical parameters of light according to qualities of heavenly gods which are connected with characteristics of planets and signs of zodiac.
Information of these pages can interest not only linguists or astrologers but also meteorologists and weather forecasters, because heavenly gods of Vedic mythology symbolize expanse of sky.
Fourth and fifth pages show parities of vowel speech sounds of Russian language and magic numbers of Greek Pythagorean numerology with atmospheric gods and cosmic twins ASHVINS, also with deities AGNI and SOMA of Vrdic mythology.
Information of these pages too can be interesting in hydrometeorology for weather forecasters, also for scientists who investigate atmosphere of the Earth and analyze changes of climate. Because qualities of gods in Vedic mythology are comparable to parameters of atmosphere, or otherwise to tell with temperature and humidity of air, also with sizes of atmospheric or barometric pressure.
Sixth page shows interrelations of atmospheric and heavenly gods with numbers in numerology and zodiacal signs in astrology. Namely complex hierarchy of heavenly and atmospheric gods of Vedic mythology is shown as cosmological chart which combines astrological circle with numerological numbers.
Seventh page shows parities of terrestrial gods of Vedic mythology with letters of alphabet and sounds of human speech, also with numerological numbers and zodiacal signs.
Also the name YAHWE or JEHOVAH is compared to deities of Vedic mythology and phonemes which are unpronounceable in the context of universal acoustic system of human speech or global alphabet of mankind.
Information of this page can be interesting to theologians and scientists who investigate myths and religious systems of human civilization, because the name YAHWE or JEHOVAH, or tetragrammaton YHWH from the view point of universal acoustic system of human speech is formed by unpronounceable phonemes which mean display of invisible God in space of universe for comprehension by mankind.
Eighth page shows complex charts of logical parities of terrestrial and atmospheric and heavenly gods of Vedic mythology also sounds of human speech with numbers in numerology and signs of zodiac in astrology.
The shown charts allow to carry out numerological calculations, namely provide possibility to calculate numerical values of alphabetic letters in names and to correlate people with characteristics of Vedic gods.
Ninth page describes parities of gods in Vedic mythology with VISHNU, SHIVA, BRAHMA who form divine triad in Hindu myths. Also Vedic mythological gods are compared to geometrical matrixes of universal system of human speech sounds.


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Information on parities of alphabetic letters and sounds of speech with qualities or names and epithets of gods in Vedas can be considered not only in scientific linguistics but also in other traditional and alternative sciences where people investigate kinds of writing characters or languages of nations, or mythological systems and religions of human civilization.

Besides pages of this website alongside with information on Vedic mythological gods give informational data about circular numerological matrixes according to which runes and letters or characters of human names form symmetric geometrical figures and correspond with divine spheres of universe.

Also alongside with information about Vedic mythological gods on pages of this website you can find data about parities of various alphabets with numerological numbers and sacral metalinguistic formula which allows to calculate numerical values of letters in names or to use alphabetic symbols as mantic oracle for investigation of words and human speech.


Also within this website you can find information about esoteric codes or ratios of alphabets with numbers of various mathematical notations and universal divine principles of world reality creation. In particular information about universal ratios of alphabetic letters with astronomical cycles of planet Uranus and names of archangels, with major Arcana in deck of Tarot fortune-telling cards and chronological periods of lunar cycle, with numerical system of dominoes digits and calendar of civilization Maya, with celestial constellations of Egyptian astrological Decans and symbols Tai Xuan Jing of the Chinese Book of Supreme Mystery.