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Letters of gods or esoteric codes of alphabets.
Numerology of words and numbers.

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This section of website on nine pages shows information on numerology of letters and numbers, and in particular about circular numerical matrixes according to which alphabets of mankind or otherwise to tell esoteric codes of alphabetic systems of ancient and contemporary nations are constructed.
First page shows circular numerological matrix of 33 letters of contemporary Russian alphabet, and also similarity of 22 symbols or characters of Phoenician writing with Russian and English alphabetic signs.
Second page results ratio of Phoenician writing with alphabetic signs of Aramaic and Jewish languages, and also with phonetic values of letters in contemporary Hebrew alphabet. Besides ratio of Phoenician written signs with alphabetic system of Ancient Greece and numerical values of letters in the Slavic alphabet of Cyril and Methodius are shown.
Third page compares Latin letters with circular matrix of ancient Phoenician writing and numbers of duodecimal numerology, that allows to calculate numerical values of characters in contemporary alphabets which are constructed on the basis of Latin alphabetic system, namely in words of West-European languages.
Fourth page shows geometrical ratios of letters in the Slavic alphabet of Cyril and Methodius with circular matrix of numbers of duodecimal numerology, and also spatial interrelations of philosophical categories or mystical senses which are included in names and esoteric meanings of characters in Cyrillic alphabetic system.
According to geometrical ratios of Slavic letters with circular matrix of duodecimal numerological numbers it is possible to realize theological concepts and sacral principles of divine Trinity, and in essence esoteric meanings and mystical senses of three persons of God.
Fifth page compares letters of Latin alphabet with circular numerical matrix of octal system of mathematical notation and numerology which corresponds to seven days of week and seven-year periods of astronomical cycle of the planet Uranus, and also with names of archangels and major arcanas in the deck or pack of Tarot cards.
Sixth page compares letter of contemporary Russian alphabet with circular matrix of octal scale of mathematical notation and chronological periods of lunar calendar cycles, and also with 28 digital tiles of numerical domino system and numbers of Qumran calendar.
Seventh page compares 20 consonants and 13 vowel letters of Russian alphabet with chronological periods of the cycle tzolkin in the calendar of civilization Maya and with pantheon of 33 gods in Vedic mythology. And also seventh page shows parities of consonant letters in the Russian alphabet with five elements of the Chinese philosophy and primary potentialities of universe in the Greek mythology within circular matrix of senary system of mathematical notation and numerology.
Eighth page results information on the cycle Haab of Mayan calendar and cyclic chronological system of ancient Egypt, and also similar sign systems which are comparable to nine numbers of decimal numerology. And in particular 36 celestial constellations of Egyptian astrological Decans and symbols Tai Xuan Jing of the Chinese Book of Supreme Mystery are compared to pictograms of the Phaistos Disc and graphic signs on the Ring from Mavro Spelaio.
Ninth page compares letters of Greek alphabet and names of mythological gods of Ancient Greece with circular numerical matrix of decimal scale of mathematical notation and numerology.
And also ninth page results hypothesis that the Golden Fleece was mythological image of ancient runic alphabetic system according to which Greek alphabet was created.


Namely this section of website shows information about axes of numbers and geometry of letters in alphabets, phonetic and numerical values of alphabetic characters, chronological periods and circular matrixes of languages, Mesoamerican ancient numerology in calendar of Maya, major arcana of Tarot and gods of Greek myths, and other data.

Pay attention to ratio of contemporary Russian alphabet with calendar of Maya, and also on relations of Latin alphabetic symbols within circular matrix of seven numerical signs with names of archangels. Or on parities of letters in the Slavic Cyrillic alphabet in space of circular matrix of duodecimal numerical signs with three persons of God and esoteric principles of divine Trinity.


Besides within this website look information about metalinguistic formula of alphabetic symbols in the Slavic alphabet and numerological system of contemporary Russian alphabet.
About ratio of different alphabetic systems of mankind with various scales of mathematical notation and numerical matrixes of letters in a context of numerology.
About geometrical images of words within numerical square of numerological numbers and ratio of acoustic parameters of sounds in human speech with colors of rainbow spectrum.
About color visual images of human names and spatial figures of figurative geometry of words.
About logic puzzles with letters of alphabet or otherwise to tell intellectual linguistic patience conundrums according to which it is possible to consider words as mantic predictions or divinations of mystical oracle.
About esoteric meanings and mystical senses which can be calculated according to parities of numerological numbers with phonemes of human speech or characters of alphabets in words and names of people.
About parities of Russian letters with phonemes of English language.
About personal numerical or esoteric codes of human names and surnames according to which it is possible to analyze psychological characteristics of people in the context of numerology.

Or look on pages of this website some information on ratio of names of 33 gods in Vedic mythology with letters of contemporary Russian alphabet and numerological numbers within magic square, and also with reference points of world space and signs of zodiac in astrological circle.
Or about parities of Russian alphabetic characters and eight trigrams Ba Gua in the Chinese book of changes i-jing with five elements of the Chinese philosophy and primary potentialities of universe in myths of Ancient Greece.
Or about connection of divine name YHWH with central phonemes of universal acoustic system of human speech and main deities in the pantheon of Vedic mythology.

Or I bring to your attention the information about ratios of 43 Slavic letters of Cyrillic alphabet with names of gods in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead and divine pantheon of Avestic mythology, astrological planets of Sumerian civilization and cosmic worlds of Hindu cosmology, power levels of a human body and images of heavenly Jerusalem.
About divine Logos and geometrical images of future human names in the numerological matrix of Slavic letters and Cyrillic alphabet.
Symbols of Slavic runes and signs of runic writings of Finno-Ugric people.
Greek myths about Argonauts and Golden Fleece which was alphabetic system of ancient Scythians.
Spatial ratio of Germanic runes of the Elder Futhark with names of gods of different mythological systems of human civilization and cardinal points of world space, or with eight symbols Ba Gua of the Chinese canon i-ching and astrological planets in signs of zodiac.
Mantic oracle and occult divinations by means of runic signs.
Esoteric principles of sacral geometry according to which Germanic runes and Slavic letters correspond with divine spheres of world reality and mystical signs of gods.