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Geometrical figures and signs of gods.
Matrixes of alphabets and space of universe.

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Nine pages in this section of website give information about geometrical figures which form names or signs of gods in space of numerological matrixes of alphabetic systems of human civilization. And also about divine Logos who is embodied in alphabets of human civilization and is the founder of names according to which there is a life.
First page shows ratio of 43 letters of the Slavic alphabet of Cyril and Methodius with names of gods in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead or funerary manuscripts. Namely with names of 42 deities which surround Osiris and judge souls of people in the underworld.
And also geometrical figures according to which names of gods of the Egyptian Book of the Dead correspond with circular numerological matrixes of Latin and Russian alphabets are shown.
Second page compares letters of Slavic alphabet with six divine qualities in the pantheon of Avestic mythological gods and seven planets in the context of astrology of ancient Sumerian civilization, also with world space of Hindu cosmology and chakras or power levels of human body.
Besides symmetric geometrical figures which correspond with names of the Christ and heavenly Jerusalem in the space of numerological matrix of Slavic letters are shown.
Third page shows information on stylized graphic symbols of Slavic runes and systems of runic writings of Finno-Ugric people, and also about the Golden Fleece as a symbolical image of alphabetic system of Scythians in myths of Ancient Greece.
Fourth page gives information on three circles and eight numerical axes of circular numerological matrix where runes of the Elder Futhark form symmetric geometrical figures and correspond to names of gods of different mythological systems of human civilization.
Fifth page gives information about interrelations and correlations of geometrical figures which are formed by names of gods in space of circular numerological matrix of 24 runic signs of the Elder Futhark.
And also about images of future human names in the numerological matrixes of Slavic alphabet which can be considered as universal phonetic pattern of human speech and divine Logos.
In particular symmetric geometrical figures which are formed by names of twelve apostles are shown.
Sixth page gives information about divine characteristics and qualities which correspond to numerical axes and circles of numerological matrix of runic alphabet or order of classical Elder Futhark, and also correspond with meanings of eight symbols Ba Gua of the Chinese canon of changes i-ching.
And also information about original names of runes in the Elder Futhark and occult divinations by means of runic oracle.
Seventh page compares runes of the Elder Futhark alphabet with dominating planets of twelve zodiac signs within astrological circle and ciphers on a dial of clock-face.
And also seventh page speaks about direct and upside-down positions according to which runes correspond with ciphers of bible chronology and calendar cycles of civilization Maya, or numbers of Chinese numerology and symbols of the canon of changes i-ching, or color suits and numerical values of playing cards.
Eighth page gives information about variants of circular numerological matrixes according to which runic signs of the Elder Futhark and Slavic letters of Cyrillic alphabet form complex geometrical arrangements which symbolize transformation of divine hierarchies and modification of world reality as the result of resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, that is described in the Gnostic book of Pistis Sophia.
Ninth page gives information on ratio of circular numerological matrixes of various alphabets and systems of runic signs of human civilization with hierarchies of gods and circles of world reality which is described in Christian Gnostic books. In particular in non canonical Christian books which have names of Pistis Sophia and Apocryphon of John.


Besides in space of website www.wordgame.64g.ru look information about azbuka or metalinguistic formula of Slavic alphabetic symbols and numerology of contemporary Russian alphabet.
About ratio of various alphabetic systems of human civilization with numerical mathematical notations.
About geometrical symbols of words and ratios of phonetic parameters of sounds of human speech with colors of iridescent spectrum.
About multi-colored visual images and spatial geometrical figures of human names.
About logic conundrums and puzzles with characters or letters of alphabets, or otherwise to tell intellectual linguistic games during which words form predictions or divinations of mantic oracle.
About esoteric values and mystical senses caused by ratios of phonemes of human speech and letters of alphabets in names of people or words with numerological ciphers or numbers.
About ratio of alphabetic signs of Russian alphabet with phonemes of speech in the context of English language.
About personal numerological codes according to which numerical values of letters in names and surnames allow to analyze psychological characteristics of people.

Or on pages of this website there is information about ratio of 33 names in the mythological pantheon of Vedic gods with letters of contemporary Russian alphabet and nine numerological numbers, and also cardinal points of world space and astrological signs of zodiac.
Or about ratio of contemporary Russian letters and symbols Ba Gua of the canon of changes i-ching with five elements of Chinese philosophy and primary potentialities of universe in the Greek myths.
Or about numerological ratio of letters or characters of tetragrammaton YHWH with central phonemes in structure of human speech and names of Supreme deities of Vedic mythology.


And also online pages of this website allow to find information about phonetic ratios of alphabetic signs of Aramaic and Hebrew languages with Russian and English letters.
About geometrical ratio of Cyrillic Slavic alphabet with numerical axes of circular matrix in the context of duodecimal numerology.
About positions of Latin letters in the circular numerical matrix of octal system of mathematical notation and numerology according to which alphabetic symbols correspond to days of week and astronomical cycles of the planet Uranus, and also to spatial coordinates of divine essence and names of archangels, or 22 mystical arcanas in the pack of magic or mantic cards of Tarot.
About ratio of contemporary letters of Russian alphabet with the circular matrix of octal notation and chronology of lunar cycle, and also 28 tiles of mathematical domino system and numbers of Qumran calendar.
About ratios of consonant letters of Russian alphabet with the circular matrix of senary numerical system of mathematical notation and numerology, also with five elements of Chinese philosophy and primary potentialities of universe in the Greek myths.
About conformity of 20 consonants and 13 vowel letters of contemporary Russian alphabet with tzolkin cycle in the calendar of civilization Maya and pantheon of 33 gods in Vedic mythology.
About ratio of haab cycle in Mayan chronology with cyclic calendar system of ancient Egypt, and also with nine numbers or ciphers of decimal numerology and 36 astronomical constellations of Egyptian Decans.
About similarity of symbols Tai Xuan Jing of the Chinese Book of Supreme Mystery with pictograms of Phaistos Disc and graphical signs on the Ring from Mavro Spelaio.
About ratio of alphabetic letters of Ancient Greece within circular matrix of decimal numerological ciphers with names of mythological gods, and also about prospective origin of Greek alphabet from runic symbols of the Golden Fleece.
Or about many other esoteric themes which are connected with numerology of alphabets and numbers.