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Metalinguistic numerology of alphabets.
Numerical values of human language.

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Nine pages of this website section result concepts of metalinguistics according to which letters and sounds of speech possess philosophical senses, and also names of people and words have esoteric meanings which exist outside ordinary linguistics.
Russian alphabet is compared with numbers in numerology in detail, but alphabetic systems of other languages can have similar linguistic analyses.
The eighth page compares phonemes of English language with numbers in numerology.

First page describes sacral azbuka of Cyrillics and letters of Slavic alphabet, namely metalinguistic formula and multiple-valued philosophical senses of Cyrillic alphabetic symbols.
Second page represents metalinguistic azbuka or otherwise to tell the sacral logic formula of contemporary or modern Russian alphabet. Namely contemporary letters or characters are compared with esoteric sacral formula which Cyril and Methodius have included in the Slavic alphabet.
Third page results mathematical and numerological numerical systems of some ancient and contemporary alphabets.
Fourth page results information about gematria of words, namely about geometrical perception of words in numerology. And also letters of contemporary Russian alphabet are compared to numbers of duodecimal scale of mathematical notation or calculations.
Fifth page shows spectral parameters of letters in the Russian alphabet. And also fifth page represents dictionary or otherwise to tell gallery where graphical drawings or visual images constructed agree to color characteristics of human names.
Sixth page results logic puzzles with letters or intellectual linguistic conundrums which can be considered as mantic operations or divinations as a result of which it is possible to see words as predictions.
Seventh page results information on numerical values of words or names which can be calculated according to numerological numbers of alphabetic letters or sounds (phonemes) of human speech.
Eighth page gives comparison of sounds or phonemes of English language with duodecimal numerological matrix of the Russian alphabet.
Ninth page gives numerological methods for calculations of human names according to ratio of alphabetic letters or characters with decimal and duodecimal numbers.


Information of nine pages in this section of website can be interesting not only to linguists and philologists in scientific linguistics, but also to mathematicians and numerologists, and also to all people who are interested in esotericism and occult doctrines. As offered methods of calculations of numerical meanings of words and names according to letters of alphabet and phonemes of language can be considered as new school of esoteric knowledge, or otherwise to tell as the new doctrine of not academic alternative science which can have the name numerological linguistics or metalinguistic numerology. Or because esoteric meanings of numbers in duodecimal system of mathematical notation in the context of numerology are mystical secret which becomes clear owing to philosophical values of letters in Cyril's Slavic alphabet, and also according to interrelations of contemporary Russian alphabetic characters with Cyrillic symbols.
Or information on numerical values and spectral color parameters of letters in alphabets can be interesting to psychoanalysts and psychotherapists, or designers and experts of commercial marketing. As psychoanalysts and psychotherapists can influence consciousness of people by means of color rays of light which is in harmony with spectral characteristics of human names. Or designers and experts of marketing can correlate colors of industrial goods, or color shades of labels and packing materials with rainbow spectrum of alphabetic symbols in names of potential buyers.
And also information about numerology and numerical values of letters or characters of alphabet can be interesting in many other spheres of human life.


Besides on pages of this website look the information on ratio of letters of contemporary Russian alphabet with names of 33 gods in hierarchy of Vedic mythology. About ratio of Vedic gods and 33 phonemes of Russian language with numbers in numerology within the magic square and zodiacal signs of astrological circle. About relations of phonemes or sounds of human speech with parts of the world and eight trigrams Ba Gua in the Chinese canon of changes i-jing, and also with five elements of Chinese philosophy and primary potentialities of universe in myths of Ancient Greece. About relations of the divine name YAHWE or JEHOVAH or otherwise to tell tetragrammaton YHWH with phonemes of universal acoustic system and global alphabet of human civilization.

Or on pages of this website look the information on ratio of different alphabetic systems of human civilization with circular numerological matrixes of letters and numbers, or otherwise to tell esoteric codes of languages. About ratio of letters with days of week and astronomical cycles of planets, and also with major arcana of Tarot fortunetelling cards and names of archangels. About relation of alphabetic symbols with 28 days of lunar cycle and tiles of dominoes. About relations of letters in the Russian alphabet with chronological cycles of time in the calendar of civilization Maya and names of Greek gods within the magic square of nine numbers in context of numerology.

Or I offer information about mystical ratios of Cyrillic alphabet with names of gods in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, also celestial realms of Hindu cosmology and divine images of the Kingdom of heaven.
About geometrical images of future human names and divine Logos in the Revelation to Saint John.
About Slavic runes and signs of runic writings in the Greek myths about Argonauts
About mystical ratios of 24 Germanic runes with names of mythological gods and spatial points of universe, also with the Chinese canon i-ching and planets in zodiac signs.
About runic oracle and occult divinations.
About sacral geometry according to which mystical meanings geometrical figures of runes and letters are connected with metaphysical spheres of world reality and names of gods.